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Top FAQs

Increased market activity has increased questions. Here's how to get answers fast.

Activity in the market has led to increased call volume. As always, we're committed to providing you with the answers you need. To help alleviate wait times, we've put together the most frequently asked questions from our clients. Hopefully, this FAQ list helps you get the info you need more quickly.


What can I expect with a combined company?

What’s going to happen to thinkorswim?

When can I expect my accounts to move to the combined company platform?


What is short selling? What is a short squeeze?

What is the Pattern Day Trader rule and how can I be sure I'm not breaking it?

Opening a New Account

What is the minimum amount required to open an account?

What is the fastest way to open a new account?

What types of investments can I make with a Tda-trading account?

Are there any fees?

Is my account protected?

How does Tda-trading protect its client accounts?

Login Help

What if I forgot my user ID and/or password?

Tax Questions and 1099 Tax Form

Will I get a 5498-IRA From, and when will it be available?

Where can I find my consolidated 1099 tax form and other tax documents online?

I received a corrected consolidated 1099 tax form after I had already filed my taxes. What should I do?

Tda-trading Branches

How are local Tda-trading branches impacted by COVID-19?

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